At OrchidPharmed, our commitment to precision and order has been instrumental in elevating our performance. By fostering teamwork, we've streamlined our financial and administrative framework, positioning us to swiftly and effectively pursue our goals.

Finance and Administration


OrchidPharmed's financial unit vigilantly oversees all transactions central to our financial fluidity. Every month, our team expertly manages thousands of transactions, ensuring unparalleled accuracy and minimal discrepancies.

Finance and Administration

Management Audit

At OrchidPharmed, vigilant financial oversight, pinpoint reporting, and timely data updates are at the heart of our decision-making. The precision of our management audit unit is paramount, shaping many of our informed decisions with its exemplary performance.

Finance and Administration

Legal Affairs and Contracts

Just as with leading organizations, OrchidPharmed emphasizes robust frameworks to foster enriched collaborations with our external partners. Our legal and contracts department excels in crafting these precise guidelines, ensuring that every partnership thrives with clarity and quality.

OrchidPharmed doesn't just contribute to the product creation of pharmaceutical ventures; we partner throughout their journey—from swift market distribution, brand crafting, to strategic liaisons with supply chains and expert evaluations.

Product Service

Marketing and Sales

At the core of OrchidPharmed lies our product. Our marketing and sales team drive its growth, evolving its market presence and mindshare. We are dedicated to not only commercializing each product but also cementing its rightful position in the marketplace, ensuring every medication reaches its full potential.

Product Service


At OrchidPharmed, we understand that branding is the lens through which a product is perceived. Hence, our branding team is dedicated to crafting an authentic and transparent image for every offering. This strategic positioning empowers us to enhance our contributions in areas like therapeutic advancements and ensuring medication accessibility.

Product Service

Supply Chain

We recognize the intricate dance of coordination and collaboration vital to product accessibility. Our supply chain team ensures that every link aligns seamlessly, making pharmaceutical products readily available across all sales touchpoints.

Product Service


Our pipeline isn’t just a series of sales stages. It’s a commitment to advancing treatments. By keenly observing global markets and pinpointing flagship products, our pipeline team charts the future, defining clear roadmaps for each product offering.

Product Service

Market Access

Ensuring universal access to pharmaceuticals is our unit's paramount achievement.

Our dedicated support and procurement team forms the backbone of our operations, seamlessly powering diverse departments. With experts who anticipate needs, we enable peak efficiency across the organization.

Support and Supply


Our Logistics management team seamlessly supports daily operations across departments, ensuring every request is addressed promptly to maintain our agile workflow.

Support and Supply


OrchidPharmed's procurement department stands as the guardian of our company's assets. Through a blend of innovative strategies, it not only guarantees seamless goods procurement but also vigilantly manages our storage and purchasing realms.

Support and Supply

Travel Desk

To drive product innovation in pharmaceutical marketing, understanding our operational terrain is crucial. OrchidPharmed's travel desk works diligently, ensuring every corner of the country becomes an accessible domain for our dedicated team.

At OrchidPharmed, our people are our strength. We're devoted to cultivating an enriching environment that inspires and nurtures. Complementing our expert human resources team, we've pioneered a "Human Capital Development" wing, propelling us forward in talent acquisition and organizational growth.

Human Resources


At OrchidPharmed, we've meticulously crafted frameworks and role definitions, ensuring we bring aboard the industry's finest talent. Entrusted with this pivotal mission is our dedicated human resources team.

Human Resources

Human Capital Development

Drawing in skilled talents and charting pathways for professional advancement not only addresses the organization's requisites but also harmonizes individual prowess with corporate eminence, all underpinned by the aspiration for continual development and training across the facets of our institution.

OrchidPharmed seamlessly blends technology with insight. Our "Business Architectures" and "Information Technology" divisions harness industry-leading expertise and innovative tech, positioning us at the forefront of progress.

Business Development

Business Architecture

OrchidPharmed is a dynamic entity, always evolving through data-driven development patterns. Our Business Architectures division serves as the strategic brainpower behind our significant decisions.

Business Development

Information Technology

Data and information are the nucleus of OrchidPharmed's endeavors. Recognizing the imperative need for the latest data to be at the forefront, established a dedicated unit under the banner of Information Technology. This unit collaborates closely with infrastructure teams, organizational strategies, and business intelligence, all aligned with our requirements.

At OrchidPharmed, our focus is on consumer well-being and treatment access. We enhance product quality through counseling, feedback, and clinical research, upholding exceptional care and satisfaction.

Patient Relations

24/7 Patient Support

Within the OrchidLife division, a team of experts is dedicated to providing services and education around the clock. Operating across sixty cities, we ensure constant support and assistance to meet your needs.

Patient Relations

Medication Training Centers

With 60+ free training centers across the country, OrchidLife delivers extensive patient services. We offer precise guidance on storing and administering our medications. Our experts provide hands-on training and free resources like booklets, videos, and instructional tools, ensuring patients are well-versed in medication management.

Contemporary medical knowledge is at the core of OrchidPharmed's progress. Guided by our medical experts, we integrate insights into all dimensions of our work, elevating our products and benefiting our consumers' well-being



Our Pharmacovigilance unit plays a crucial role in safeguarding health and optimizing treatment. By gathering adverse event reports, investigating cause-and-effect relationships, detecting signals, and assessing risks, we ensure safety. This dedicated effort is a pivotal part of OrchidPharmed's mission, contributing to the continued well-being of our consumers.


Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board unit offers regular training courses for medical representatives, enriching the understanding of consumers and pharmaceutical professionals. This team also undertakes tasks like generating clinical reports, conducting precise research, crafting promotional materials, and organizing seminars. These efforts collectively amplify knowledge sharing and education within the pharmaceutical domain.


Clinical Trials

The Clinical Trials unit at OrchidPharmed is vital. Adhering to ethical guidelines, registering studies in the Iranian Clinical Trials Registry, and adhering to international standards, this unit plays a key role in elevating our organization's quality.


Health Data Science

Closely intertwined with the Clinical Studies division, our Health Data Science unit plays a pivotal role. It establishes sample sizes and randomization methods for clinical studies, while also meticulously analyzing and collecting the provided data. The unit's activities, including clinical study design, are instrumental in driving OrchidPharmed's growth and expansion.

Career opportunities

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