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Orchidpharmed is walking with you, on an ambitious path

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Here, everything is set up for your benefit. We stand as advocates and catalysts for your motivation, creativity, and individual innovations. Our duty at OrchidPharma is to provide a conducive platform for driven and imaginative young minds, enabling them to bring their ideas to life. This is a space of collaboration and collective thinking for those who have no limits to their aspirations. We view progress as mutual, recognizing that by advancing together, we propel each other's growth.

Ever Advancing Beyond Yesterday!

In our realm, we and our team harness the most cutting-edge technological tools to ensure that by simplifying tasks and optimizing time, the outcomes we achieve are nothing but exceptional. Here, our dedication to staying ahead is an everyday commitment, and our utilization of state-of-the-art technology underscores our unwavering pursuit of excellence.

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Our criterion for welcoming new collaborators revolves around quality and potential, not just work experience. We embrace individuals without prior work history who are dedicated and motivated, eager to embark on their very first professional journey. Here, we eagerly anticipate accompanying them as they begin their career path, prioritizing their diligence and enthusiasm over their past experiences.

Pioneering, Creative, and Bold

Pioneering, creative, and bold—these words encapsulate both our ethos and the reflection of our collaborative culture. Join us as we embark on this journey, taking exhilarating strides together, defining new horizons.

Here, we grow together side by side, learn, and ultimately turn the new image we created of ourselves and our organization into reality.

Saba Sadeh


OrchidPharmed's main objective, aside from commercial approaches, is create a shared feeling: helping others and being of assistance to them.

Shadi Toumari


Even though I had experience working in a laboratory, working at a Orchid Pharmed call center and supporting patients created a new and exciting experience for me.

Call Center Specialist

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Job opportunities

OrchidPharmed is a place of collaboration and collective thinking for the youth who have limitless aspirations, who see progress as mutual advancement, and who stride together on the path of innovation.